California Mango Holiday Hair Care Vibes

  • $65.00

All your favourite California Mango hair care products now in a Holiday gift set

Save over $45!!!

Bring those beach vibes home this Holiday with our decadent Mango hair care items.

Sulfate FREE Shampoo (500ml) -Those sunny beach days are great for you — but not always so great for your hair. Keep locks strong and healthy with a ready-for-my-close up shine with this color-safe shampoo.

Daily Conditioner (369ml) -A day at the beach demands seriously strong locks that can stand up to the sun, salt and surf — and with the superfood super blend, your hair will stand up to the challenge.

Body Mist (125ml) -Help skin stay softer longer with this gentle mist that activates your skin’s natural moisture.

Leave-in Conditioner (369ml) -A quick dip can leave hair with knots, snags and tangles — and that can leave your locks tough to tame and even tougher to style. This quick-fix leave-in gets hair smooth, soft and totally brushable instantly.

Ready for gifting – complete with Bag, Bow and Gift Tag.