The Gut-Skin Connection

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THE GUT-SKIN CONNECTION from Bestow Beauty is a life-changing book.  

Why? Because it doesn’t just teach you why improving gut health is key to transforming skin, improving energy and lifting your mood – it shows you how.  And, it will inspire and delight you in the process.  

This 224-page, full-colour, hardcover book combines new advances in gut research with holistic skincare wisdom. 

Hidden in the mysterious darkness of your large intestine, live trillions of bacteria and fungi, collectively known as your gut microbiome. A modern diet, high in sugar and processed foods, upsets the delicate equilibrium of good and bad microbes in the gut, leading to imbalance and disease. In turn, poor gut health wreaks havoc on our skin. A sluggish digestive system and imbalanced gut exacerbates skin challenges like acne, rosacea and any sensitive or inflamed skin conditions. It gets in the way of a clear, glowing complexion. 

But the reverse is also true. When we make the changes required to heal our gut, our skin is supported and renewed from within. The gut-skin connection is very direct. Healing your gut will help to transform your skin, but it will do more than that.  Your gut health is also directly connected to your general wellbeing, energy levels and emotional and mental health.  The Gut-Skin Connection can be the catalyst for a wellbeing journey that has the potential to transform your whole life.