Dreaming of a tropical getaway, relaxing on white sand beaches, dining on fresh tropical fruits and juices, swimming in the pristine oceans of the South Pacific?
Although we can’t physically travel to the tropics right now, indulging in our Pure Fiji products will transport you straight to Fiji without leaving the comfort of your own home!

From body scrubs to butters, exotic body oils to lotions, your skin will not only thank you for using Pure Fiji, but your senses will too!

Pure Fiji is crafted from the goodness of what the earth and sea has to offer!

Untouched tropical flora and the warm Pacific Ocean offer up exotic drift nut oils and powerful plant actives.

Sugar cane, pineapple, papaya, passionflower and green coconut are freshly harvested and processed within hours to preserve their fresh bounty of naturally occurring nutrients.

Cold pressed coconut, dilo, macadamia and sikeci nuts revered for their medicinal and beautifying properties contribute pure, unadulterated nourishment, moisturisation, nutrition and protection.
Deep-sea plants provide protection from the inevitable aging effects of the sun and the inimitable Ngi grass provide enhanced
hydration and drastically improved skin moisturisation.

With our seven exotic Pure Fiji infusions there’s a flavour to suit everyone’s taste!

The rich creamy fragrance of a delicately sweet coconut makes you remember the gentle caress of a sun soaked breeze, and let your imagination transport you back to paradise!

Discover the invigorating multi layered aroma of this exotic fruit with sparkling berry notes, intoxicating blossoms and the freshness of green leaves carried on warm tropical breezes.

Discover the refreshing multi layered aroma of fresh coconut milk infused with a zesty blend of sun ripened limes and a hint of lime blossom, which will have you drifting away to your island paradise.

Loved and shared throughout the islands, this refreshing and zesty fragrance conjures imagery of sun kissed days and balmy nights.

Pure Fiji’s newest beautiful range, Moringa boosts divine subtle infusion with notes of Mandarin, mulberry, vanilla, bergamot, island rose and honeysuckle.

Nestled within the exotic embrace of tropical fruit and flower notes, you are lulled by the fresh sweetness of a hint of apple caressed by the morning sun.

The amazing noni plant has been used by South Pacific Islanders as a source of medicine for over 2000 years. Noni fruit, Noni leaf hydrosols and Noni seed oil are all used in this skin rejuvenating range.

To purchase and find out more about each of our Pure Fiji infusions, including their many skin nourishing benefits and ingredients, head to our online store HERE, or pop into our salon at 50 Grey Street, Palmerston North.

Pure Fiji involves as many communities as possible in the production of their items, and without this network of human interaction, they would be unable to survive and grow. Pure Fiji make every effort to minimise, and where appropriate, enhance Fiji’s unique ecosystem. Pure Fiji continues to research and implement programs that reflect good conservation measures while reducing and helping negate our carbon footprint. Raw ingredients are wild-harvested – which reduces the need for artificial irrigation, fertilization and pesticides, thus reducing the impact on the local ecosystem. Nut oils are cold pressed, coconut oil is used to power cars and generators in rural communities, and a tree planting program is in place. At the Pure Fiji complex in Suva, gardens and building alike have been designed to maximize insulation and reduce the factory’s dependence on air conditioning.